I'm very excited about working with Maggie Smith of Botanical Bricolage on upcoming workshops starting in 2019. Watch this space for future updates regarding workshops!





BBC Masterpieces in Schools -delivering a day of activities relating Arthur Spooner’s ‘The Manicure’ for foundation, KS1 and KS2 children at Firbeck Academy.  The projects appeared on East Midlands Today.


Take One Picture -producing resource material and delivering teacher and student teacher training days in conjunction with the National Gallery.


Ellis Guilford Education Improvement Partnership -devising and delivering to schools a families outreach project looking at the tales of Robin Hood working with Nottingham Castle Museum and Art Gallery to put together artwork for new permanent exhibition.


British Art Show -devising and delivering school sessions at Nottingham Castle.


The Princes Trust -Working alongside a poet for the 'Poetry Quest' project.


Enquire Project  -Working with Nottingham Castle, Nottingham Contemporary and the New Art Exchange, co-ordinating a schools and galleries project.


Delivering art and history based sessions at Wollaton Hall and Newstead Abbey for the Nottingham City Museums and outreach service.

Bubble project


Based at Nottingham Castle, but also delivered throughout City galleries such as NAE, Nottingham Contemporary and Lakeside


Working alongside a curator from Nottingham castle with year 9 students to produce work informed by the curatorial selection process engaging with specific paintings.



Fosseway Academy


Showing the processes used in my own work to thereby inform a collaborative piece of artwork, based on school surroundings.



Projects at Tuxford Academy


Super Heroes

- Both imagined and among their community.  These super heroes would be depicted against the background of Tuxford. The aim of the project was also to show year 4 pupils the processes used in producing artwork, and to then produce a collaborative piece in response to those processes.


Diversity and Sustainability

Through the prism of looking at favourite food dishes, we discussed which country  such dishes had derived from and where ingredients were sourced. Each pupil produced a self portrait of themselves eating their favourite dish, which was assembled together to produce three collaborative pieces of artwork.





Strictly Robin Hood


Family project looking at the lives of Robin Hood and his merry men through the painting displayed at Nottingham Castle by Daniel Maclisse.


Take one picture


An example of a booklet designed for teacher INSET sessions relating to Take One Picture, with links between Nottingham City Museums and the National Gallery, London.



British Art Show


A collaborative piece with primary school children in response to artwork by Hew Locke.


Princes Trust

Poetry Quest.





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